Industrial Affiliates

Speed networking event at the 2015 AMIC meeting.

The RM2N facilitates academic and industrial interactions in the advanced materials and manufacturing space. It provides collaboration opportunities for industry partners and RM2N members that have research and expertise in materials development, and the ability to aid industry in realizing products based on these research results.

What is the RM2N Industrial Affiliates partnership?

It is a partnership connecting the two key components of materials development and application – academia, and industrial partners in the advanced materials space with the following goals:

  • Foster and promote collaboration opportunities for industrial companies with RM2N members that have research programs in the materials developments space and the ability to aid industry in realizing products based on these research results.
  • Connect industry researchers with RM2N materials researchers and technically skilled students/employees available to enter the workforce.

Through these collaboration goals, the RM2N hopes to accelerate Wisconsin leadership in materials research and development with economic impact in the region.

The basic RM2N Industry Affiliates membership is free of charge and provides to industry partners

  • Searchable resource database
    A web portal summarizing the facilities, expertise, students, training, and events in the RM2N. The RM2N web portal provides a single streamlined access to data from all participating institutions, including a searchable databases of physical infrastructure (tools, facilities, etc.), expertise, educational resources, and contact information.
  • Research Collaborations (may vary between RM2N sites)
    Opportunities for facility access, participation in research agreements, training, and other services can be facilitated between RM2N campus contacts. However, any commitments in this regards are subject to the execution of written agreements between the parties detailing such arrangements and signed by an authorized representative of each party. Any such arrangements will be managed by the appropriate directors or organizations on each RM2N member campus.
  • Networking Opportunities
  1. Invitations to state-wide RM2N symposiums, with major student involvement via posters and presentations, and research overviews within the RM2N. These events may require payment of event fees for attendance.
  2. Invitations to materials and manufacturing related topical seminars and workshops taking place at RM2N or industrial sites.
  3. Posting of industry/university workforce development opportunities via co-ops, internships and capstone projects in the materials space.

Visit our list of Industrial Affiliates

To join the RM2N industrial affiliate partners, please contact:

Dr. Doug Dunham
Director, Materials Science Center
Regional Materials and Manufacturing Network
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire


Additional services, membership levels and fees may be added in the future but the basic membership will remain free.

The RM2N reserves the right to use the company name and contact information in promotional material for RM2N grant applications, and related reporting documents or reports as required.