Materials Science at UW-Milwaukee

Everything we use is made of some material or combination of materials. Materials science is involved with all the processes that turn natural resources into useful products that impact all facets of our economy such as aerospace, electronics, transportation, communication, construction, recreation, entertainment, and environment.

UW-Milwaukee offers an ABET accredited Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering. Our curriculum provides materials students exposure to Biomaterials, Materials for energy applications, Advanced materials characterization, Metal casting, Ceramics, Polymers, Composites, and Electronic materials.

Our faculty are engaged in leading-edge research in areas such as: Polymer solar cells, Materials for advanced drug delivery, Manufacturing processes, Structural analysis of aerospace materials, Materials for energy storage, Application of nanomaterials in construction, Self-healing metals and advanced metal-matrix composites.


Watch: Ben Church on Lithium Ion Batteries


If you have any questions about equipment, expertise or the programs at UW-Milwaukee, please contact:
Ben Church
Assistant Professor, College of Engineering & Applied Science

Department Chair:
Nidal Abu-Zahra
Associate Professor, College of Engineering & Applied Science

Office Manager:
Ms. Shelley R. Fowler

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Join the RM2Industrial Affiliates group
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