Materials Science at UW-Madison

The Wisconsin Materials Institute (WMI), is an umbrella organization that provides a gateway for materials activities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Its focus is on engaging materials stakeholders across disciplines, including researchers in the fields of mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, information science, chemistry, medicine, and engineering.

UW-Madison has a dedicated Materials Science and Engineering Department and a number of departments and programs with a materials and manufacturing emphasis. It offers industry expertise and access to research facilities. The campus is also home to Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW MRSEC). This center is focused on the fundamental study of the structure and properties of interfaces at the nanoscale level of atoms and molecules, across a wide array of materials platforms, from inorganic semiconducting materials to liquid crystals with engineered defects.

The Regional Materials and Manufacturing Network (RM2N) has been strongly supported by the Wisconsin Materials Institute (WMI) and the UW MRSEC, and is utilizing best practices developed through the UW MRSEC.

Its collaborative effort shares facilities, software, and data to increase opportunity and efficiency for materials scientists in Wisconsin and beyond. Supporting materials activities that provide solutions and services to the Wisconsin materials industry and community.

If you have any questions about equipment, expertise or the programs at UW-Madison, please contact:
Jon McCarthy

Interested in developing partner relationships with cross-campus RM2N members?
Join the RM2Industrial Affiliates group
This group offers networking opportunities with students, at least one materials-related topic per year/industrial site visit and the potential for research collaboration among its campus members.