Materials Science at UW-Eau Claire

The focus of Materials Science at UW-Eau Claire consists of the Materials Science Academic Program and the Materials Science and Engineering Center.

The Academic Program is an undergraduate major that has a strong emphasis on hands on learning in the materials science discipline in a liberal arts environment where critical and creative thinking; and strong communication skills are stressed. More on the Academic Program

The Materials Science Center (MSC) works with local industries to solve their materials related problems. MSC works with K-12 institutions to provide educational resources in the areas of nanotechnology and materials science. For an undergraduate institution, the MSC has an unmatched array of materials science instrumentation available for use by students and industry. Since 2004, MSC has offered state-of-the art instrumentation and expertise to public and private sector associates. Its faculty and staff provide elemental analysis, electron microscopy, materials characterization, cooperative R&D support, and consulting to both commercial partners and academic researchers. The center has been invaluable to small businesses that otherwise would not have the resources and access to the kind of instrumentation needed to bring solutions, products and processes to the market quickly and effectively. More on the MSC.

If you have any questions about equipment, expertise or the programs at UW-Eau Claire, please contact:
Doug Dunham
Director, Materials Science Center

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Join the RM2Industrial Affiliates group
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